ST. LOUIS – We begin with news clouds circling over Republicans in Washington regarding the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. A recording has surfaced featuring Congressman Kevin McCarthy—an ally of former President Donald Trump—talking about encouraging Trump to resign the presidency.

Also on the episode this week:

  • Our aging political class. How old is too old to be an elected leader in America?
  • Are math textbooks teaching critical race theory?
  • Missouri taxpayers may soon be getting $500 to $1000 checks from the state. Can that be a bad thing?
  • Former long-time St. Louis Congressman Lacy Clay says he will not support Cori Bush in her re-election bid.
  • And St. Louis police and the mayor appear to waving the white flag. St. Louis’s signature drive, Leonor K. Sullivan, in front of the Gateway Arch looks like something from a war-torn country. It’s been closed and blockaded to combat unruly crowds and rampant gunfire. Is that the answer?