ST. LOUIS – A dramatic new development came late this week. The January 6 Special House Committee voted unanimously to subpoena former President Donald Trump as they continue their investigation into the uprising at the Capitol.

The committee believes Trump is partly responsible for the chaos of that day. It was first thought that they weren’t going to subpoena the former president but now that’s changed. The subpoena will be sent out next week.

Also on the show this week:

  • Tragedy has been unfolding in our area as we see more fatal crashes killing pedestrians. It seems like a never-ending story of pedestrians killed by speeding, reckless motorists who end the lives of innocent people. One of those tragedies was a woman in Overland just walking down the sidewalk when she was struck by a car that struck several other vehicles. A good Samaritan comforted her in the last minutes of her life.
  • A new study slams St. Louis, calling it the most dangerous city in the United States
    that new study was based on the high rate of crime, several car crashes, and natural disasters. According to a Wallet-Hub report of comparisons of safety levels of about 182 U.S. cities, St. Louis came up last. The report had a total of 42 categories, including crime. On a scale of 100, St. Louis scored around 42. The safest city to live in was Columbia, Maryland.
  • The latest inflation numbers that came out this week indicated a hotter than expected rise in prices. Consumer prices rose 8.2% from a year ago. The yearly gain for core inflation was the highest in four decades. This creates a fear that the Federal Reserve will continue their aggressive rate hikes in their effort to bring high inflation under control, but the concern is that the Fed action led by Fed Chair Jay Powell of raising rates could lead to recession.
  • Tens of thousands of families got pandemic unemployment funds from the federal government and the state to help them survive losing their jobs in the COVID crisis. But now the state is telling thousands of them they were overpaid and must pay back the money, threatening them with liens and garnishments.