ST. LOUIS — It was another Sunday morning of sometimes heated but always civil political debate on Hancock and Kelley, Sunday, November 5, 2023. John Hancock, a Republican consultant, on the right and Michael Kelley, a Democrat consultant, on the left, took on the following topics:

  • Democrat St. Louis County Prosecutor, Wesley Bell, dropped his U.S. Senate bid to run in the House (1st Congressional St. Louis) against incumbent Democrat, St. Louis Congresswoman, Cori Bush. Her repeated accusations that Israel is guilty of genocide and ethnic cleansing in its response to the October 7th Hamas terror attacks are a key factor in his decision. He says fellow Democrats statewide have urged him to switch races.
  • A deep dive on Israel, pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the U.S. and around the world, plus the rise of anti-Semitism from U.S. college campuses to a Russian airport.
  • Missouri’s Republican Secretary of State, Jay Ashcroft, who is running for governor, loses at the Missouri Court of Appeals in his effort to defeat a ballot issue on whether to legalize abortion by allegedly rigging the ballot with biased language.
  • Lawless violence continues in St. Louis without a peep from Mayor Tishaura Jones or high paid Police Chief, Robert Tracy, whom she appointed 10 months ago. Soccer fans staying at a hotel near downtown’s new gem, CityPark soccer stadium, had a bullet go through their 9th floor hotel room window and wall, with bullet fragments landing in their bed, after they watched City SC’s first ever home playoff match. The police response was extremely slow with dispatchers citing a shortage of available officers at a peak time for visitors to downtown St. Louis.
  • President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden traveled to Maine to mourn the victims of the recent massacre there by an Army reservist with a history of mental illness. He legally possessed rifles designed to inflict mass casualties even though the Army banned him from handling weapons on duty.
  • House Republicans, led by the new Speaker of the House, play political games with aid to Israel. They pass a $14.5 billion package by tie to cut in IRS funding.
  • Efforts to keep Former President Donald Trump’s name off election ballots in Colorado and Minnesota under the 14th Amendment move forward.

Our quote of the week: Former Democrat candidate for President, Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s, switch to an independent run may take more votes away from Donald Trump than Joe Biden.