ST. LOUIS – We begin with World Cup soccer. The United States’ Men’s National Team is out after losing to the Netherlands in the knockout round, but we’re going back a few days earlier, to the U.S. versus Iran. For fans here, it may have been just a game. In Iran, it was life and death, with soccer fueling protests against oppression.

Also on the agenda this week:

  • A White House official says, “we’re keeping an eye on Twitter.” Should it be the other way around? New revelations that Twitter executives conspired to help Democrat candidates in the 2020 elections.
  • St. Louis aldermen consider doubling their pay for a part-time job; 50% more than a rookie police officer.
  • And was Enos Kroenke right about St. Louis? There are growing concerns that the city and county are going to blow the historic NFL legal settlement.