Handy tips for cleaning up fall leaves


ST. LOUIS — A few days of strong winds as the fall season passes its peak later than normal means a mess in our yards. With the winds easing for the weekend it’s a good time to do some cleanup. 

Definitely want to keep up on top of your leaves. The thing that does happen is leaves do accumulate. It does tend to choke out the grass,” said Grant Boschert, a sales representative at Sydenstricker Nobbe.  

The leaf removal battle varies in length each year, but windy days like today help to accelerate the process. 

“Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks sometimes it seems you can be picking up leaves a month or two,” Boschert said. 

When it comes to leaves piling up, the sooner you can get to them the easier it’ll be. 

“When the leaves do fall they do get matted down. It’s tougher for lawn mowers or even your blower to get out there and start to pick those up,” Boschert explained. “The biggest thing is, do not let them pile up for periods of time meaning three-four weeks at a time before you get out there. If you do that it’s definitely going to choke out your turf and you’ll have thin spots in your lawn.” 

There are many ways to go about cleaning up, but one great option is mulching a thin layer of leaves with your lawnmower. But the recommendation is to do this every couple of days  

“Mulching the leaves up is good, you know a lot of times your grass is still growing. As you look outside your grass is still green before it goes dormant so mulching them up with your lawnmower is real good. It kind of puts the leaves back into the soil,” he said. 

And it’s not only good for the grass, but it’s great for the gardens too. 

“It is good for your landscape. Like I said they will break down in time. But it’s an easy way to get rid of the leaves instead of having to put them into a lawn bag or a lawn dumpster if you have those carts. Put them back into your landscaping or if you have woods it’s an easy way to dispose there too on your property,” Boschert said. 

And when mowing or blowing those leaves pay attention to the wind direction. 

“If you are going to be out there and doing leaf removal this weekend utilize the wind to your advantage,” said Boschert. “I think we see a lot of golfers that do that too. You know they pick the turf up and blow it and kind of utilize that shot. Kind of the same thing before you get started on blowing your leaves.” 

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