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HAZELWOOD, Mo. – Hazelwood homeowners are in disbelief following a pair of separate mishaps with online deliveries just two days apart.

“It was a violation of my property,” the homeowner said.

The package theft, caught on camera, happened on Tuesday after FedEx delivered her husband’s birthday gift.

“I checked my video and saw that it was delivered at 2:39 p.m. and I checked further and at 3:35 he literally came up, took the package, and ran off,” she said.

The bandit got away with her husband’s West Coast Shaving set, worth a little over $60.
The woman said she has no clue who the guy wearing the red coat and blues jeans was in the video and she’d never seen him in the neighborhood.

To make sure that didn’t happen again, the homeowner decided to monitor another package being delivered to her home two days later.

“This FedEx guy came walking across my lawn up to the door, dropped the package, kicked it, and walked away,” she said. “Seriously, twice in a week. Is this neighborhood getting back or is this a bad situation?”

The package, marked “Fragile,” contained a picture frame for her grandmother’s Christmas present.

FedEx released a statement to Fox 2 News that says, in part:

“We are committed to treating our customers’ packages with the utmost care and the behavior depicted in the video is not consistent with the professionalism FedEx demonstrates every day.”

After two strikes this week, the homeowner said there will not be third as now she doesn’t feel safe delivering packages to her own home.

“I will tell you this I will not have anything else delivered here,” she said. “It is going to my job, it will be delivered there where I can safely get it and bring it home. I don’t feel safe having things delivered to my home.”

The homeowner said West Coast Shavings is replacing her husband’s birthday gift.

However, she’s currently going back and forth with FedEx about who’s responsible for her grandmother’s picture frame.