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BERKELEY, MO – Hazmat crews responded to the Berkeley pool on Sunday morning for a report of a chemical spill.  One worker suffered chemical burns and was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.  The Department of Natural Resources also responded to assist with the cleanup.  A DNR worker on the scene said a valve came off a chlorine tank causing the spill.

There were no swimmers at the pool because it was closed at the time of the spill.  Kenny Hall lives nearby and hopes the pool will reopen soon.  “The kids need it,” he said.

One city worker said the valve will need to be replaced and he did not expect that to be finished in time for the pool to reopen Monday.  It’s not known when the pool will reopen but a city worker said the spill was contained to one area of the pool building and was cleaned up by Sunday evening.

Some streets around the pool temporarily closed while hazmat crews investigated.  They checked area sewers to make sure there was no chlorine gas entering the sewer system.  Chlorine gas can cause serious respiratory problems.  Crews on the scene determined there were no hazardous levels of chlorine in the area so residents were allowed to return to their homes.