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WENTZVILLE, MO – Confirmed head lice cases are showing up at Boone Trail Elementary School in Wentzville.

Now parents are concerned not only about the cases but they`re also questioning how the Wentzville School District has responded to the issue.

J.J. Suftko says his two kids who go to Boone Trail both came home recently with head lice.

J.J. was upset not only because his kids had the condition but also that the school district did not send home a schoolwide notice to families about head lice being at the school.

“I love the school district but I think right now it`s incompetence going on,” explained Suftko.

Joe Garofalo has similar concerns.

He has two kids at Boone Trail.

They haven`t gotten head lice but he and his wife have been applying preventive treatments anyway.

“If there`s one case isn`t that enough. I mean if it was any other sort of outbreak of something why wouldn`t one be enough,” explained Joe.

At Lice Clinics USA in Wentzville, workers treat head lice all the time.

Owner Teresa Thompson says school districts aren`t required to send home notices about head lice.

She tells us she has personally treated at least a half dozen head lice cases recently from Boone Trail.

Teresa says head lice can be easily transmitted by head to head contact.“If they share a computer or have story time with other kids or share books, phones- they`ll have head to head contact. Selfies, taking pictures with other kids, that`s all head to head contact,” explained Teresa.

Officials with the Wentzville School District declined an on-camera interview but say they have less than five confirmed cases of head lice at Boone Trail.

They say the small amount of cases is why they have not sent out a school-wide notice.

A statement reading in part, “If three are a significant number of students in a school who are affected, we have and would notify parents…Our school nurses make every effort to treat each isolated case with care and confidentiality while ensuring that our students are able to continue to focus on learning.”

School district officials say they have contacted the parents of each student who has a confirmed head lice case and that the district follows that latest national guidance in notifying parents about head lice cases.

Suftko says he may hold a protest outside of the school urging the district to release more information about the head lice cases.