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ST. LOUIS– There isn’t a big threat for severe storms this week but there will be heavy rain on the way.

There is a jet stream out in the Pacific Northwest that will take a dip, producing a heavy storm system that will be heading towards St. Louis. The storm system will pack moisture from the Pacific Ocean and will become a good rainmaker for the Midwest.

While there is still a chance for some severe storms possibly near the Lake of the Ozarks area, the rainfall potential is the biggest concern. There will be several rounds of rain starting Wednesday through Sunday. Thursday and Friday seem to be the days that could bring the most rain.

After Friday, there will be colder rains as the temperatures drop into the 40s.

There are also concerns for area small rivers that are more prone to flooding with these quick, heavy downpours. Some of those rivers to watch include the Cuiver River, Meramec River, Big River, Kaskaskia River.

The conservative estimate on the rain is 2 inches but some models are showing up to 4 inches of rain with the system. Either way, St. Louis should prepare for soaking rains with this system.