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ST. LOUIS – An anti-drug program showing parents the signs to look for if your child is experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

“It’s shocking, very shocking,” says mother Karen Simms.

She has a 12-year-old and she’s trying to learn the signs of danger before they start showing up in her home.

This demonstration teaches parents how to do a thorough search of a child’s room.

Kelly Prunty, a spokeswoman with ‘Addiction is Real’ explains, “We have a lot of things that look like everyday items that are actually places to hide things that these kids can get on Amazon. Also, different things that kids are using to get their hands on alcohol and other every day household items that kids are using to get high that parents might not even know about.”

Teacher and parent Nathan Pipes says he knows all too well how resourceful kids can be so he warns it’s important to stay vigilant.

“They learn how to get away with things but however with enough adults in their life that are working to keep them on the right track they’re going to make mistakes and we’ll find out what they’re doing,” he says.

That’s why organizers encourage talking to kids of all ages about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and other risky activities.

“Research shows that kids whose parents talk to them regularly about the dangers of drugs, those kids are 50% less likely to try them which is huge. You’re cutting your child’s chances in half just by talking in them regularly and having an open conversation about it,” says Prunty.

If you’d like to go to one of these seminars there are two more that are open to all adults.

The next one is on April 10th at Hazelwood North Middle School and there’s another on April 24th at Hazelwood Southeast Middle School. Both are from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.