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WILDWOOD, Mo, – The snow has melted across the region, but one spot in Wildwood is still keeping 2 to 3 feet on the ground with some spots up to 4 feet, that’s Hidden Valley Ski Resort. 

The average snow cover is still 2 to 3 feet. The reason the man-made snow has survived the warmer stretch of weather is that it is a lot more resilient than mother nature’s snow.  

Hidden Valley was able to pump out heavy snow with this month’s cold stretch, piling it up to keep it cold. As it starts to warm up, they slowly start spreading it out. The more they spread it, the quicker it goes.  

The more compact a surface is, the better it is at withstanding warmer temperatures. However, there is one type of weather that is the harshest on the fresh snow. 

“The hardest conditions for us in this part of the season is going to be the wind and the warm temperatures,” The General Manager of Hidden Valley Ski Resort Brandon Swartz said. “When you get the warmer wind like that it acts as a blow dryer on the snow. So if you talk about a 50-to-60-degree blow dryer on the snow that tends to be kind of our enemy at this point, as well as any major rain event.”  

With temperatures warming into the 60s Saturday, it may prove to be a struggle.

Hidden Valley is still suspecting they will be able to stay open through mid-March. You can always check their website and social media for updated snow amounts. 

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