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WATERLOO, IL (KTVI)– Mathew Schweitzer is making sure his students are prepared in case of a snow day Friday.

“Seems a little overwhelming right now, but I think the idea of being out May 22nd period, I think come April or May we’re going to like that,” says history teacher Matthew Schweizer.

A lot of students at Gibault High School are going to enjoy the end of the school year in May.

That’s because Gibault is changing the snow day forever.

“I was thinking, I don’t get any snow days this year,” says senior Blake Braun.  “I don’t get to stay at home.  But I do get to stay at home.  I get to wake up later than normal, and because there`s no set time limit I can go sledding. I can go out to eat with my friends if I want to.”

Students at the catholic school in Waterloo, Illinois had a snow day simulation on Monday.

Nobody showed up to this classroom.

“I woke up, opened my laptop in bed, signed in, checked in with my homeroom teacher and I was there,” says senior Ellie Wessel.  “I actually finished all my homework by 12.”

“It was a real time experiment where we all Monday stayed home and had our first E-learning day,” says Principal Russ Hart.  “Great success and very few problems, minimal.”

Using a program called My Big Campus; students check in and get their assignments.

If they fail to log on, they’re marked as absent.

“We can have discussion boards, chat rooms, YouTube videos, video chat lecture so the students actually get a full day of instruction,” says Schweizer.

Besides saving costs, it might save lives, eliminating the need to drive in dangerous conditions.

Snow days are snow-more, thanks to e-learning.

“Pretty amazing to know that you won’t have to worry about when your final exam is, you’ll know when you’re getting off of school, and you can plan your vacation ahead of time,” says senior Brock McCarty.

So you’ll be sitting pretty in may, even if you got snowed in last December.