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BONNE TERRE, MO (KTVI) – Police in Bonne Terre are looking for a female driver who hit a little boy and then drove away.

Eight-year-old Grant Wencker won’t return to his second grade classroom until next week. It looks like his summer is ruined as far as activities; doctors said he can’t play baseball this season.

Grant Wencker described the pain of the incident, “It felt like a wrecking ball him me after I got to the hospital I felt better because they gave me my medicine.” He said it happened a few blocks from his home. He and his friend were crossing the highway when Grant said the car came out of nowhere, “I was in shock. I didn’t cry I just felt pain.”

He said the woman stopped, and asked how he was, he said fine and ran off, she drove away. But Grant was not okay.  Felicia Wencker is his mother and is not happy with the way the driver handled the situation, “I think she should own up.”

She took her son to a local hospital and from there an ambulance transported him to St. Louis Children’s.  He has numerous injuries, including a fractured skull, scrapes and bruises on his face, wrist and his side. Grant’s mother was stunned the driver didn’t do more for her son.  She said, “She should have stayed where she was and called the law.  What if he would have had an injury that caused him to pass out on the way to his house.”  Grant added, “She should be punished for hitting a kid.”

The incident is being hotly debated. Some people believe the boys were playing in the street while others agree with Grant that he was simply crossing the road with his friend. The mayor thinks the driver needs to be held responsible.  Bonne Terre Mayor Brandon Hubbard said, “I think the person should come forward and turn herself in and get to the bottom of the story.”

Grant’s already missing playing baseball, “I’m on a good team, we’ve won three games, beat every team we played so far.”

Late Tuesday night the driver did come forward and said she would turn herself in Wednesday.