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COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – They’ve cornered the market in the furniture business in Collinsville, Illinois for the last 83 years. The Home Furniture store, located at the corner of East Main Street and Vandalia, has been known as the home of “no monkey business.”

“My uncle created that slogan over 40 years ago when he took the store over from Mr. Greenstein,” said Ron Fredman, Home Furniture manager. “And he asked me, I think I was in high school, I think maybe at Wash U. at the time…if I wanted to do television commercials. I ended up writing the jokes. He had the punch line: no interest, no carrying charges, and no monkey business.”

Their commercials and fair prices led to a legion of loyal customers across Missouri and Illinois.

“The commercials were just so corny,” said customer Betty Dortch. “But when they said there was no monkey business there wasn’t. There was no high pressure. It was all about the customer.”

But after 83 years and a host of reasons, Home Furniture will be closing on Monday, October 15.

“We lost a lot of traffic,” Fredman said. “There’s been a lot of damage to the building with the highway construction, the growth of big box stores. But we did some experimentation. We’re probably going to do something. We’re committed to the building and creating some revenues. We’ve got to; we’re committed to Collinsville. It’s where our grandparents and great uncles landed when they got here from Eastern Europe as poor Jewish immigrants.”

Fredman said there are plans for the building and another retail opportunity in the near future.

“We’ve appreciated the 83 years of our neighbors becoming our neighbors and our friends,” Fredman said.