Homeowner says dangerous curve is causing vehicles to end up in her backyard

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO - A St. Charles County family is speaking out after they say multiple cars have ran off a road at a sharp turn and wound up in their backyard.

Cheryl Hazen says six cars have run off the basically 90-degree turn on Duello Road and wound up either in her backyard or the county easement right by her yard since the beginning of the year.

The turn is right by Duello Elementary School.

One car hit a power pole and Cheryl even has part of a door from one of the vehicles.

There are tire tracks and debris from vehicles in Cheryl`s backyard where the cars ending up close to Cheryl`s home.

“I worry a little bit. I mean I certainly hope that everyone`s paying attention but I do worry,” said Cheryl Hazen, the homeowner.

Cheryl says she and her family have lived in their home for 11 years and that vehicles running off the road have been an ongoing issue.

Cheryl is so concerned that she limits where her kids play in the backyard.

“I just don`t let them play over there because I know what can happen, which is sad because I like my yard,” said Hazen.

Cheryl`s neighbor Shawn Doane is concerned as well.

He says a while back, a driver who ran off the road actually drove between his home and Cheryl`s to get back onto the pavement.

“It`s either someone that`s driving there is going to get killed or a kid`s going to be out there playing in a yard- someone going to die, someone`s going to get hit,” said Shawn Doane, the homeowner.

There is signage at the turn and before it.

St. Charles County leaders tell us they are aware of the problem and changes are coming.

We`re told a new stretch of straighter roadway is in the works which should dramatically reduce how many cars have to navigate the turn.

The Director of Communications for St. Charles County Government, Mary Enger, issued a statement reading in part, “The county highway department has been in the process of designing roadway improvement plans and acquiring additional right of way. The improvements are scheduled to begin later this spring.”

“I just don`t want anybody to get hurt,” said Hazen.

County officials tell us the new roadway should be open by this fall.

Hazen says she would like to see a flashing sign before the turn giving drivers additional warning about it.

We will see what happens as this situation continues to unfold.


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