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ROLLA, MO (KTVI) – The Rolla Police Chief Sean Fagan said it was a domestic dispute that turned deadly.  A 22-year-old college student is in jail, suspected of killing her fiancé.

“In fact, he was supposed to graduate in a week. It’s a shame. He already had himself a full-time job as an engineer in Kansas City. It’s a tragic situation, the whole thing,” Fagan said.

The chief was talking about 22-year-old Curt Marzolf of Monroe, Wisconsin. He was set to marry 22-year-old Meghan Werner of Fenton. But something went terribly wrong in their Rolla home Saturday morning.

Police said Meghan first told them Curt committed suicide, but the chief said evidence pointed to a disturbance. Things were broken inside and thrown about.  Meghan was eventually arrested for murder.

Both she and Curt attended Missouri University of Science and Technology. Both were studying to become engineers. Both were members of a local skeet and trap team. Meghan was a hunter. The couple had guns in their home.

“Both families are very upset. This is tragic for both families,” Chief Fagan said. “Neither of these young people, they’re both 22-years-old, neither of them have ever been in any trouble and now their families are having to deal with especially during the holiday season.”

Meghan Werner is being held here in the Phelps County Jail on a $1 million bond.  The chief said it’s the second domestic dispute that turned into murder this year in Rolla.  He added that typically they investigate a murder in the town about every three to four years.