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ST. LOUIS – It was a wonderful day for a carriage ride in Downtown St. Louis Saturday, but a ride almost turned tragic.

Witnesses caught the intense moment on camera.

“Them people on there! Oh my God,” a woman yelled as saw a horse running away with two people in the carriage.

What started out as a calm carriage ride on a nice summer day on St. Louis Riverfront quickly turned into chaos in a matter of seconds for an out of state woman and her family.

Lathan says his wife and their children saw the incident unfold.

In fact, his wife caught it all on camera.

“We seen the carriage veering in the wrong lane and as it veered over in the wrong lane we seen one of the passengers that was in the carriage jump out of it with a baby. But as he did that, the rider with horse was trying to get the horse to calm down!  But the horse was steady shaking, wouldn’t calm down.”

That’s when Lathan recalls seeing the horse taking off running with a woman and a little girl still in the carriage.

“I got a bad back, but what I was going to do was try to run out in front of the horse but he was galloping so hard I said ‘no I’m already messed up! It would mess me up even worse’,” he said. “I didn’t know what to do I was telling my girl to quit screaming because it was scaring the horse, but it just went on by. The lady jumped out, the little girl hit her head and got scraped up really bad!”

Meanwhile, the witness says he saw the horse continuing to run down the riverfront while its handler rushed to stop it from behind.

He tells me the horse finally ran into a truck, putting an end to the pursuit

A short time later first responder showed up on the scene.

It appears the woman and the little girl was left shaken with bruises, a swollen ankle and a horrible ending to a magical beginning.

“I hope the family okay!” he said. “That’s all I hope! Kids, I hate when kids get hurt and I seen that with my own eyes and I didn’t like what I saw!”

There’s no word right now if anyone involved in this incident was taken to the hospital.