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ST. LOUIS- The festive food started blowing up after videos of cocoa bombs started circulating on tik-tok.

The concept is simple: Place the chocolate ball, which is filled with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows, in a mug. Then pour hot milk over the sweet confection and watch the two mix together.

STL Cake Pops in St. Charles started making hot cocoa bombs in February.

Owner Rachel Sarino said the idea of a chocolate shell melting when another ingredient is poured on top has been around for a while in fine dining.

Sarino first saw hot cocoa bombs last holiday season, but the sweet treat hadn’t really taken off yet.  

This year, thanks to Tik-Tok, STL Cake Pops can’t keep them in stock.

Sarino said they are making thousands of hot cocoa bombs each week and all of those are for orders being shipped out.

She says if they have a few leftover they try to keep them in-store, but those are typically sold within the first few customers.

Companies from all over the United States are ordering hot cocoa bombs from STL Cake Pops as part of their corporate holiday gift.

Sarino said every day she is shipping coast-to-coast after she makes a few hundred cocoa bombs in her St. Charles kitchen.

So, can you make them in your own kitchen? Sarino said they aren’t easy but there are a lot of home bakers making cocoa bombs. You can find them on local Facebook groups.

There are also a lot of YouTube videos with step by step instructions on how to do it yourself.

I was going to give one of these videos a try. The first step is having the tools. I went to order the molds for the chocolate shells and didn’t have much luck.

They were sold out at all major stores and it was going to take a few weeks to ship from Amazon.

So, if you already have the molds or extra time and patience you may have more success.

Luckily, there are still many other ways to get your hands on the sweet treat.

STL Cake Pop in still taking a few more orders this holiday season.

Other places selling hot cocoa bombs include Riverside Sweets in St. Charles, Clementines in St. Louis, and Mangiamo’s in Lebanon IL.

Also, a quick search for “hot chocolate bombs” on Facebook will yield hundreds of results with at-home bakers selling them for the holidays.

If hot chocolate isn’t quite your thing, STL Cake Pops also makes coffee bombs.

They aren’t as popular as the hot coca bombs, but could they be the next big explosions? Only time and our taste buds will tell.