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BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI) – The owners of one local sports bar chain decided to take in unwanted rams gear and give it to those who need and actually want it.

Starting Wednesday all of the Hot Shots Sports Bar and Grill locations across St. Louis are giving away a burger and fries in exchange for unwanted Rams gear. Local manager John Wallis says they will feel the financial impact at the bars but true football fans will show up no matter what. And football fan Nathaniel Moman agrees.

“Were collecting wearable Rams gear hoodie’s pants jackets whatever they have.’ said Wallis

‘That`s the thing about St. Louis. We know how to turn things around and make it for the best for the city it`s a good way for us to heal it’s a healing process.  said Moman

The gear will go to veteran’s shelters in Los Angeles and the collection will be in effect until close on Friday night.