ST. LOUIS — The record-breaking heat across the St. Louis region has been hard on a lot of people outside, but it can also affect your car. Cars parked outside in the summer sun can heat up very quickly, and it can become very dangerous if the AC is not turned on.

So how fast does the inside of a car actually heat up? At 90 degrees, after 10 minutes the inside of an average car, the interior will reach 109 degrees. Extend that out to about 30 mins, and it’s up to 124 degrees.

Then, after an hour, the temperature inside the car can reach up to 133 degrees.

The last couple of days have been close to 100 degrees, breaking records. So what happens when you move up to 100 degrees? After 10 minutes, the car will heat up to 119.

After 30 mins, it will reach 134 degrees, and after an hour, a blistering 143 degrees.

Please remember to check the backseat for your kids and pets. Don’t ever leave them in the car. It’s just too hot.