How to keep your dogs safe during hot summer days like today


ST. LOUIS – It’s going to be a hot one out there, and FOX 2 Meteorologist Chris Higgins has some tips on how to keep your dogs safe.

The high temperature for Friday, June 11 is supposed to be about 96 degrees. Higgins said that is just the air temperature. The temperature of different surfaces will be different.

With the high temperature at 96, asphalt could be as hot as 140 degrees, concrete could be as hot as 125, grass in the sun could be as hot as 105, and grass in the shade could be as hot as 90.

Higgins said if your pup is standing on the asphalt at 140 degrees, it only takes one minute for a dog paw to start burning. If the ground is at 120 degrees, it takes about five minutes for a dog paw to start burning.

Higgins suggests walking your dogs in the grass, or don’t walk them at all during the hottest times of the day.

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