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FERGUSON, Mo. – A Ferguson man says he found a human hand while mowing his neighbor’s lawn Thursday afternoon. Investigators at the Ferguson Police Department confirmed that a human hand was found and they are working with St Louis County Police and other agencies to determine who the hand belongs to and how it ended up in someone’s backyard.

“They notified us and we notified the Medical Examiner’s Office and they came out and retrieved the hand and took it back to their office,” said Captain Dan DeCarli.

The man who found the hand did not want to be identified but gave his account of the gruesome discovery over the phone.

“I wasn’t sure it was a hand or a doll hand. I mowed around it a couple of times and kept looking at it and made the decision to call the police,” said the unidentified man.

Residents who live across the street from where the human hand was found say they have more questions than answers.

“I was sitting there thinking like, if they found somebody’s hand, is the person alive or dead or what,” said Malon Johnson.

“They say it was wrapped in carpet, it’s kind of creepy and scary,” said Johnson.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information should contact the Ferguson Police Department.