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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – After all of the rain and wind that hit the metro over the last few days, a few hours of sunshine had many flocking to local festivals.  The music played and the crowds hit the streets. Hundreds of people stopped by the Veterans Festival at Forest Park to take in a piece of history and enjoy sunshine.  Festival goer Barbara O’Connor says she was happy to get her family out for a day of fun in the sun.
“With all the rain it kept us stuck in doors it cleared up today so we decided to listen to the music and see all of the cool veterans things they have down here. People are taking it easy and enjoying the breeze and kinda sitting around and relaxing and it’s a breath of fresh air really.” Said O’Connor.
 This weekend marks the second year for the event that honored veterans with re-enactments, education booths, food and exhibits. Veteran’s festival organizer Tom Mundell says all military groups are represented at the festival.
“We’re providing an opportunity to for them to get to know about the active duty military, national reserves and all of the veteran groups.

We have the Chinook representing he military all of the veteran organizations are represented here.” said Mundell.
Root beer vendor Dave Harder is proud to say his family has a strong military background and he was more than happy to step into help out.  
“Considering the weather things have been going very well especially today with the weather clearing up a lot of folks are coming out. “said harder
Once the tents come down and booths clear out there’s one message that comes from everyone who spent their time and energy to make the 2012 veterans festival a success.
“Tell the folks that make the sacrifice that you appreciate them there are some things in this country that could be better but there’s still no place better to live in this world than the united states.” harder said.

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