Hundreds of children get back to school supplies

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CREVE COEUR, MO – It is always nice to have new school supplies as you head back to school.

Sunday hundreds of kids were outfitted with everything they need before heading back to school.

Markers, crayons, and books, some of the staples on a back to school supply list.

To check a few items off the list for the 19th year, the National Council of Jewish Women St. Louis opened up their back to school store.

“Back to school store co-chair and member of National Council of Jewish Women in St. Louis, we are serving close to 1,700 kids to get them all ready for the new school year, coats, kids bookbags, all brand new,” said Amanda Stein.

Students are partnered up with a volunteer and they go through the store picking out whatever backpack, coat, and gloves that they want.

“We have a wonderful committee it costs about $180 for one child to go through the store and we use those funds plus grants. Our committee goes out shops finds the best deals and we purchase all of the clothes for the kids,” said Stein.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell helped a soon to be fourth grader Brayden shop for his supplies, and Brayden was honest with the prosecutor about his thoughts on school.

“Brayden said he still needs a little more time on vacation, but he is getting there, and he is excited, but you can see all the kids are excited about getting clothes and school supplies and being the focused on the things matter,” said Wesley Bell, St. Louis County Prosecutor.

Nicole Weeden`s son Evan is shopping at the back to school store.  She says Evan is not their only child so having help with school supplies is a blessing, and he is headed into first grade so having new stuff takes away some of the nerves, “It means a lot you would think children at that age don`t pay attention to things like that but they do just like older kids the younger kids want the latest and greatest too so anything we can get to help that happen is great,” said Nicole Weeden, mother.

Volunteers say the back to school store is all about helping families like Nicole and Evan so that kids start off the school year on the right foot with a cool new pair of shoes.

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