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WENTZVILLE, Mo. – A Wentzville mother turned to Facebook last year seeking help for her son’s drug addiction. A year later, she and her son are happy to report he is on the road to recovery.

Cody Bishop, 28, has battled with addiction for approximately 7 years. He says when he was around 21-years-old, he started using prescription medications which eventually turned to harder drugs.

October 2019 is when Bishop’s mother, Jennifer Salfen-Tracey said the addiction was at its worse. She said that is when Bishop was homeless and missing.

Salfen-Tracey went to Facebook to ask for help. The post went viral as many social media users sent their love and support to Cody. She found help.

Earlier this month, Salfen-Tracey posted an update thanking all of the supporters for their help and encouraging words as Cody is now approximately 90 days sober.

Bishop credits his family’s loyalty, love and support as what’s kept him grounded in his recovery.

“I can’t even imagine what they went through,” said Bishop. “I know whenever I’ve been back, its kind of helped in a sense just because they can see my progress and they know I am steady working on it. I’m trying to be the best individual I can be.”

Salfen- Tracey says it was hard to find help for her son, especially with Bishop being at the age where he cannot be on Selfen-Tracey’s insurance. She says rehab is not only a one-time thing.

Although 30-day rehabs were covered under insurance, Bishop says it takes longer than 30 days to recover.

Bishop has relapsed a few times during his journey but says he learns from his previous “mess-ups,” explaining that he now understands what can happen if he may slip up. Working out is a necessity for Bishop as he says it helps keep his mind on the right track.

Salfen-Tracey says her son is doing great in his recovery, but there is still a long road ahead for Cody as every day is a constant battle. She encourages people to talk about addiction even though it may be a hard conversation to have- anyone could be affected by it.

Bishop celebrated his 28th birthday last week and was excited that he not only made it another year but was also able to spend it with his daughters.

Bishop’s advice to others in his situation is to reach out and get help from those around you.

“For the addicts that are out there, as soon as you have that moment where you know enough is enough, you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, reach out for help,” Bishop said. “It’s everywhere, there are Facebook groups, you can call different numbers. There are resources out there.”