‘I got to own Putnam County’- Parson says unused vaccines at clinic should have never happened

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ST. LOUIS– Missouri Gov. Mike Parson commented about the 150 doses of COVID vaccine that went unused last weekend at a Northeast Missouri vaccine clinic.

“I got to own Putnam County. What happened up there, it should never have happened. It’s just that simple, shouldn’t have happened, We need to fix it,” said Gov. Parson after touring a St. Louis area vaccine clinic Thursday morning. “We have to make sure we are doing a better job than what we did up there, we never want that situation to happen.”

During a mass vaccination event this past weekend in Putnam County, the health department posted on Facebook that 1,488 doses went unused and were redistributed to other counties.

An additional 143 doses of the vaccine were thrown away because needles were dislodged, not all vials rendered six doses, there were no shows and duplicate appointments, and the extra vaccine was drawn up than what was needed.

“It’s important to realize that 2 million doses have been distributed. When you look at a 200 doses facility where they said we had 200 doses left over or somebody dropped a vial, or there was waste, there will be waste from time to time,” said Gov Parson.

Then he reiterated, “But Putnam County shouldn’t have happened.”

Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services Dr. Randall Williams said earlier this week he potentially sees that happening more frequently as the state vaccinates more people.

Missouri’s health director said the state is looking at ways to bring more mass vaccination sites to urban areas after doses have gone unused at rural vaccination sites.

Gov. Parson was asked about equitable distribution of vaccine, saying it is still based on population. He said next week, St. Louis County and St. Louis County are going to be receiving 68% of the allotment Region C gets each week.

Region C includes several counties in the Eastern Missouri and makes up 37% of the state. The state sends that percentage of the vaccine to the area.

Gov. Parson was asked about people from the St. Louis region traveling to other parts of the state to get the vaccine. He said anytime you have a major population like St. Louis, Kansas City, or Springfield, it is going to take

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