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GLEN CARBON, IL – A beautiful Tuesday afternoon turned into a chilling reality check for 17-year-old Scott Radcliff and his furry friend, Dexter. 

Near their home in Glen Carbon is a private lake. The lake has been frozen over for days due to this past cold spell where we saw temperatures in the single digits. 

“It was just solid white all across. It was completely frozen over. I mean, you could walk on it,” Radcliff explained. 

Temperatures have been pushing towards the 60s the past two days, melting the ice that covered the entire lake.

Radcliff has been watching the black poodle rescue for his grandma. When they went for their daily walk, Dexter spotted a goose and took off running. 

He chased the goose around the far end of the lake and eventually followed the bird onto the ice. The dog pursued the goose closer and closer to the middle of the lake.

Dexter jumped for the goose as it took off to fly, and when the dog landed, he broke through the ice and into the deadly cold water. 

Without thinking, Radcliff jumped into the lake and tried to break through the ice to get to Dexter, but the cold became too much. His body went into to shock.

Radcliff was able to get back to the bank, but soon after, he passed out. Luckily, his neighbors Tom Blair and Jose Gonzalez heard his cry for help. The two rushed to the lake.

Blair walked on the ice and was able to jump in the hole where Dexter had fallen through. Gonzalez went to his garage and began tying cable cords and hoses together to create a rescue rope. He was able to throw it out to Blair who tied the “rope” around himself and the dog.

Gonzalez was able to pull everyone out to safety before the Glen Carbon Fire Protection District arrived on the scene. 

“The Glen Carbon Fire Protection District would like to remind everyone that though the ice may appear strong, increased temperatures have compromised the strength of the ice and all lakes and ponds should be considered hazardous,” Deputy Chief Jason Whitaker said.

Radcliff suffered cuts and bruises from the ice but is recovering and feeling fine even after passing out due to the cold. He was thankful his neighbors not only helped him but helped saved his grandmas beloved dog as well.