WASHINGTON PARK, Ill. — Six months after a massive fire burned down the Washington Park Fire House, a fire department on the east coast donated two trucks to help.

The side of the firetrucks read like a passport. Each logo is a sign of every stop on their journey to their new home in Washington park.

One red and white and blue, both firetrucks were donated by the Elk Lake Fire Department roughly 900 miles away in Pennsylvania.

“The red one we’ve nicknamed Clifford, and we named the white and blue one Betty White,” said Washington Park Fire Chief Ronnie Harris. “They’re going to allow the two firetrucks that we have now to not run every call. So, to keep the maintenance on the trucks won’t be so high.”

Back in October a massive fire destroyed not only the city’s fire house but parts of the police department as well. The burned-down site remains frozen in time.

Each piece of rubble and broken glass is a reminder of so much that has yet to be done.

Mayor Moore has reached out to multiple lawmakers, including Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, but nothing has been done.

“We are being overlooked, forgotten about, just ignored,” said Washington Park Mayor Leonard Moore. “If other surrounding areas can get funds when they need it, we should. I mean, money is going around us for less reasons than what we need. We need a police department, fire department, (and) public works.”

He is frustrated about the lack of response but is grateful for the trucks.

“On one hand, it’s a blessing but on another, it doesn’t look good,” said Mayor Moore.

Despite all the fire destroyed, one item from that day still stands.

“It represents freedom, hope and that we are going to come back better,” said Harris.

The trucks will be repainted to show off their new home’s name, but they plan to keep part of the old station’s logo as a thank you.

They plan to be up and running as soon as possible. FOX 2 reached out to Governor Pritzker for comment but has yet to hear back.