ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The U.S. Census Bureau announced that Illinois was undercounted by nearly 2 percent during the 2020 US Census. The correction means that the state’s population actually grew by 250,000 people over the decade and is the largest in history at 13 million. What does that mean for federal representation? That is not clear yet.

“I ran for governor on a promise to be our state’s best chief marketing officer and reverse the trend of outmigration we’ve seen over the past few decades. These latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau show that Illinois is now a state on the rise with a growing population,” states Governor JB Pritzker.

Census correction map

The incorrect report stated that Illinois lost over 45,000 residents. That made it second only to New York in the initial report for states losing population. New York lost a representative and is now on the census list for states with an overcounted population in 2020.

Illinois also lost a seat in Congress because of the 2020 census. A new map including an odd district that snakes from East St. Louis to Champaign was confirmed this year. It’s throwing the three Republican members of Congress from southern Illinois for a loop. FOX 2 has reached out to Governor Pritzker’s office about how Illinois will be represented on the federal level.

“I have already spoken to members of our congressional delegation and will work tirelessly to ensure Illinois receives its fair share of federal funding. I look forward to celebrating this development with all Illinoisans, including those who routinely badmouth our state,” states Gov. Pritzker.

The census reports that 37 states did not have any significant population corrections. But, there are 14 states that were overcounted or undercounted. Those states include:


  • Arkansas -5.04%
  • Florida -3.48%
  • Illinois -1.97%
  • Mississippi -4.11%
  • Tennessee -4.78%
  • Texas -1.92%


  • Delaware +5.45%
  • Hawaii +6.79%
  • Massachusetts +2.24%
  • Minnesota +3.84%
  • New York +3.44%
  • Ohio +1.49%
  • Rhode Island +5.05%
  • Utah +2.59%