CAHOKIA, Ill. – Cahokia High School spent its fourth consecutive day on lockdown after a frightening week of threats.

School officials said they received a threat via Airdrop three times this week. The first threat arrived on Monday, another Tuesday, and again Wednesday.

Parents are on edge as the school was locked down Thursday as a precaution.

Frustrated parents and students are speaking out about a possible motive behind the threats. One parent told FOX 2 what the alleged threat said.

“He said he would go through the freshman wing with an AK-47 and will shoot anyone he sees,” said parent Corey Dickerson.

District Superintendent Arnett Harvey said the district is aware of the threats.

Parents believe the threats could be related to a video circulating on social media that shows a student being body slammed by a security guard.

“The security guard wrapped the student from behind as he is lifting him off the ground and slammed him to the ground,” Dickerson said.

FOX 2 is not airing the video because we do not own the rights.

The student in the video did not want to be identified. He claims the incident was over him bringing candy to school.

“He had my hands around my neck. I was trying to push his hands off me and they said I was fighting back,” the student said. “But when I turned around, another officer came and picked me up by my side and slammed me down, and put hand cuffs on me.”

The student’s parents are demanding the guard face disciplinary measures.

Meanwhile, the district released the following statement on social media about the video:

We are aware of the incident that occurred in relation to a student and our security guard. As a part of our investigation, it was determined that the security guard acted in accordance with required procedures based on the student’s actions, which were not seen on video.

Cahokia Community Unit School District 187