CASEYVILLE, Ill. — A string of burglaries in a seven-day span is leading to stepped-up security in a small village.

“It’s quiet; there haven’t been a lot of issues until lately.” said Mike Peterson, a 20-year-old resident.

Stretches of street, filled with homes, families, and a light by the front door.

“Everybody’s so tight, so close,” said Detective Tamburello.

Windows have been smashed, and cars have been broken into. The suspects also attempted to steal some vehicles.

“We’ve had an increase in broken windows and destroyed steering columns showing they’ve tried to actually steal the vehicles, creating havoc for the vehicle owners,” explained Tamburello

The Parkdale, Geschel, and Bunkum neighborhoods are where a group of several individuals targeted at least six homes in one week.

“There are a lot of kids in this neighborhood, a lot of families, and its peaceful. Knowing there’s been a lot of break-ins has made us feel a little less secure,” said Peterson.

The increase in car thefts is causing Caseyville Police to monitor the areas more often.

“It’s going to increase our patrols. It is going to increase our target areas,” said Detective Tamburello.

As the search for suspects continues, police say neighbors with surveillance video should reach out.

“You are not going to get away with this, not with the department we have, not with the investigators,” said Temburello.

Detective Tamburello telling us anyone with information should reach out to the station at 618-344-2151.