6 train cars derailed, Hwy 3 in Fairmont City closed


FAIRMONT CITY, Ill. – A Metro East roadway is completely closed Friday morning after an overnight train derailment.

It happened on tracks that cross Highway 3 in Fairmont City, Illinois and are very close to the Packers Avenue overpass.

That portion of Highway 3 has been shut down in both directions for hours as crews clean up and the investigation unfolds. Authorities hope to reopen the road by noon Friday.

The incident happened at about 11:45 p.m. Thursday.

Asim Raza, a spokesperson for the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis, said a total of six train cars were involved in the derailment. Raza said four of the cars were empty, but two were loaded with automobiles. The train that derailed was an Alton and Southern Railway train and it was on Terminal’s tracks heading to Terminal’s Madison facility. 

Railroad police said the cause of the derailment is unknown at this time, but no one was hurt. Raza said some 350 feet of track was damaged. 

There is not yet a time frame from authorities of when Highway 3 may reopen.


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