SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Over the last 30 days, the Illinois Conservation Police have arrested eight people for various hunting-related violations.

On the first day of the firearm deer hunting season (Nov. 18), ICP authorities discovered several violations, such as illegal baiting, illegal use of landowner tags by non-local hunters, not using proper permits or tags, and providing permits to out-of-state hunters.

In Illinois, it is illegal to use bait for hunting, not only to reduce the spread of chronic wasting disease in deer, but to maintain the hunter’s ethic of “fair chase.”

The following individuals were issued citations, warnings, or a court summons:

  • Seth Speiser, 58 (Freeburg, Illinois)
  • Mitchell Speiser, 25 (Freeburg, Illinois)
  • Danny Cox, 63 (Freeburg, Illinois)
  • Kyle Cox, 32 (Belleville, Illinois)
  • Brian Forrester, 24 (New Athens, Illinois)
  • Kamdan Cox, 27 (Clarksville, Tennessee)
  • Steve Pate, 62 (Marietta, Georgia)
  • Barry Northenor, 63 (Roswell, Georgia)