GODFREY, Ill. – The lottery discussion at the MotoMart in Godfrey Wednesday involved more than the $1.2 billion Powerball jackpot. The convenience store sold a winning $800,000 Lucky Day Lotto ticket for the Sept. 29 evening drawing. As of Wednesday, no one has claimed the prize.

Godfrey resident Carlston Edwards was buying Powerball tickets at the store on Wednesday, hoping the store’s good fortune would continue.

“I’m just waiting on my turn,” he said.

Other customers expressed hope that the winner would share with those in need. They say that while $1.2 billion is an astronomical amount, $800,000 would also be life-changing.

“When you have to work every day, and you don’t make a whole lot, money can make things different,” said Godfrey resident Brian Medford.

The MotoMart store will receive an $8,000 prize for selling the winning ticket and will be using the money to make improvements at the store.

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