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COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – As recreational marijuana legalization is okayed by one state after another, there’s a new warning about drivers smoking pot.

It’s all about keeping the roads safe for everyone.

“They should not be on the road while indulging,” said one marijuana user in Collinsville.

But it appears pot smokers are getting behind the wheel and all too often.

A study by AAA took a close look at fatal crash reports in Washington state. Washington has had recreational marijuana for several years. It found the number of drivers high on marijuana and responsible for killing someone in a wreck had more than doubled after legalization.

“Really is a hazard to the public when it comes to traffic safety,” said Nick Chabarria, a spokesman for AAA.

There’s no quick sobriety test for marijuana like there is for alcohol. A Chicago suburban police department is testing a device that gives immediate readings but the results cannot yet be used in a courtroom.

Customers buying marijuana at Illinois Supply and Provision said they drive after using marijuana but they support the creation of a sobriety test to keep the roads safe.

“The need to come up with some sort of breathalyzer for marijuana, they do,” said Casey Cartegena, who smokes marijuana. “There is too many people who are out on the roads that are stoned or whatever driving.”

The AAA study comes just weeks after we reported on our political show Hancock and Kelly that lawmakers in Jefferson City were discussing the possibility of putting recreational marijuana on the November ballot.