BELLEVILLE, Ill. – A busy stretch of road in Belleville is closed right now after a car crashed into a power pole.

This happened at Highway 159, just south of the Square and Fountain. Remnants of the car smashing into a power pole, knocking the pole over, starting a fire, and shutting down some of the roadway can still be seen.

This all unfolded around 6:45 a.m. Authorities told FOX 2 the driver of a car going south on 159 somehow lost control and crashed into the power pole. The pole which had a transformer on it broke in half, with part of crashing down onto 159.

We’re told a fire actually started on 159. One worker, in fact, called it a ‘fireshow.’

Crews were able to out the fire out and de-energize the lines before the flames could spread anywhere.

Authorities shared that the driver was treated at the scene but was not transported, so the injuries to that driver were not serious. There is no word yet on what caused the car to hit the pole.

159 was completely closed in the area for a while. Southbound 159 is still closed, while northbound is still open.

Drivers can get into downtown Belleville going north on 159, but are being detoured heading south out of downtown Belleville. This could be the case for some time Monday morning as the damage is cleaned up and repairs are made.