FAYETTE COUNTY, Ill. – Amy Garrison is still recovering from surgery to remove an epidural needle that had been lodged in her spine since 2003. The southern Illinois resident made national headlines after discovering the needle in 2017.

Garrison filed a lawsuit against a naval hospital in Florida. She alleged she was never notified that a needle was left in her spine following the birth of her child. Her lawsuit was dismissed.

After consulting with co-workers and friends, Garrison decided to undergo surgery to have the needle removed. Even though surgery came with risks, Garrison was tired of living in pain.

On Monday, one week after having the surgery, Garrison told FOX 2 she was glad the needle had been removed but had numbness on the left side of her body from her knee to her ankle. She’s also in pain and relies on a walker while undergoing physical therapy at home.

The needle removal did address some of the pain Garrison had been feeling for years.

“The sciatica burn, that’s gone,” she said. “That’s really good.”

Garrison is still in disbelief that no one has been held accountable for the needle in her spine or is willing to cover the costs of removing it.

She is also determined to make a full recovery.

“I will have a 100 percent recovery from it. There’s no doubt about it,” Garrison said.