HECKER, Ill.- A tornado-warned storm system rolled through St. Louis early Saturday evening, leading to various widespread damages across the bi-state region.

One small Illinois community suffered notable damage. Hecker, Illinois, a village with around 500 residents in Monroe County, is believed to be among the hardest hit. It’s about 40 minutes south from the city of St. Louis.

FOX 2’s debris tracker indicated that a tornado struck the area. We are waiting to confirm information on this situation from the National Weather Service, the reason behind the “apparent” classification for the tornado.

Viewers shared several photos with FOX 2 of damaged roofs to homes and businesses, downed power polls and snapped tree branches, among other damages.

Tornado warnings were issued in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson, and Franklin counties around 6 p.m. for nearly an hour. Many of these threats have moved east to Illinois around 7 p.m., also packing threats of hail and thunderstorms.

Check out the photo slideshow showing some of the damages out of Hecker, Illinois.