BELLEVILLE, Ill. — Police were involved in a brief standoff Tuesday morning in the 2200 block of Frank Scott Parkway. A man heard a loud noise at around 4 a.m. and it ended up being a gunshot to his vehicle.

Concerned for his dogs, he went to check on them and found no issues. Then he decided to review their security camera footage. The video showed a neighbor walking with a long firearm toward his home. The man then discovered that a gunshot had struck his vehicle. That was when he called the police.

Belleville Police officers attempted to contact the individual with the gun at home. Officers noticed several firearms in plain sight through the windows of the suspect’s home. In response, officers established a perimeter around the residence.

Later, they observed the suspect leaving the residence. Officers tried to place the suspect under arrest but there was resistance. Eventually, they were able to place him in police custody. The suspect has been taken to Belleville Police Headquarters, although charges have not yet been filed.

Belleville police are currently investigating the case, and a search warrant for the suspect’s home has been executed.