COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – A boil order issued in Collinsville, Illinois continued into Wednesday night.

The city repair crews remained on the scene of the 20-inch water main break near the city’s water plant along Collinsville Road.

“This is the main line that comes out of the water plant and feeds the entire town,” said Eric Nagel, Collinsville’s building and neighborhood services manager.  

One of the challenges of slowing down repairs involves the location of the main line. Nagel said several other lines run along the same path, including gas, electric, fiber optic, and cable line. He said safety is the priority as crews dug around the main line.

“For residents, we would like them to conserve as much water as possible,” Nagel said. 

There was some bottled water available for residents at the Collinsville Fire Department near city hall. Several Collinsville restaurants closed Wednesday until they were able to purchase enough bottled water and sodas to meet customer needs.   

“We’re boiling water like crazy,” said Derik Reiser, owner of Old Herald Brewery and Distillery.   

He said water is essential to his business. Reiser sent several meals to the crews working on the repair in appreciation of their efforts. He said he also has a plan for the water currently stored in tanks at his business.  

“I’ll probably fire up the still and just distill some water, in case we have local residents that need some for their breathing apparatus or something like that where they need good purified water,” Reiser said.  

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