Boil order lifted in Glen Carbon after nearly a week


GLEN CARBON, Ill. — More than 14,000 residents in Glen Carbon, Illinois, are no longer under a boil order. Mayor Bob Marcus said the village lifted the five-day order Monday evening.

The order was issued after water samples failed safety tests on Friday. The water also had low chlorine levels. Glen Carbon’s Public Works Department informed Illinois American Water about the results and then notified the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA).

“A boil order is recommended and enforced by the IEPA when the water quality isn’t there,” said Marcus.  “We had some concerns with the chlorine levels in our water, so we got the IEPA and Illinois American Water involved. IEPA issued a boil order, so they could give us a couple of days to fix our system.” 

Marcus said the water quality issues were a result of nitrification.

“Nitrification is a microbial process that converts ammonia and similar nitrogen compounds into nitrite and then nitrate,” the village said in a press release on Monday. “Nitrification can occur in water systems that contain chloramines, which is the disinfectant used by our water provider.” 

The mayor said corrective measures have been implemented.

“If you think of a water tower, a disinfectant may only get to certain parts. We added a mixer up top to move the water around throughout the entire booster,” Marcus said. “That will help to ensure that the disinfectant is adequately applied to the water.”

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