Box of bones found in Illinois attic had ‘femur of a leg and so it was weird’


GALESBURG, Ill. – A discovery that would send chills down anyone’s spine.

A Galesburg couple finds a box of bones while doing renovations to their home.

They made the finding on Saturday. The box of bones was laying on the floor next to the chimney.

Patrick Snyder said after making the discovery they immediately called the Galesburg Police Department.

“I thought it was like a dead raccoon or something up there and she handed me up through the roof a femur of a leg and so it was weird,” said Snyder.

The home renovation project is now a mystery. The home’s history includes a doctor who lived there 100 years ago.

“1920 or somewhere there was a doctor that lived there so it might have to do something with that there’s been several people here since then,” said Snyder. “So I can’t believe nobody found them since then.”

Couple discovers box of bones in house undergoing renovation

Before discovering the bones, Snyder said his wife had heard footsteps before.

“She got out of the shower one time and she could’ve sworn she heard footsteps upstairs and thought it was me, so she walked into the living room and I was sitting there,” said Snyder.

After the incident, Snyder says they plan to continue living in their home.

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