ALTON, Ill. – There will be restrictions on who can go to Friday night’s football game at Alton High School after several reported fights on campus. School officials canceled classes on Thursday due to the number of fights the day prior.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Department was summoned to the school to help security break up the fights. Authorities are reviewing videos of the fights from Wednesday. Meanwhile, many parents are very concerned about their student’s safety.

“I don’t feel safe sending our children to that school because if they don’t know what’s going on, it’s supposed to be cameras around the whole school,” said one parent, who asked not to be identified.

At least one video of a fight was shared numerous times on social media, though it’s unclear who filmed it.

“It was more than 10 (fights). They don’t make anyone feel safe. They have no control,” the parent said. “The call we received yesterday, they said they had a small incident going on at the school. They said only a couple fights; one or two, nothing near the real number.”

FOX 2 has been told the brawls prompted a lockdown. While there were no classes Thursday for the high school, Friday will be a virtual learning day.

Meanwhile, the incident will cost the Alton Redbirds football team much of its fan base on Friday.

The school’s athletic department announced fan restrictions for the football team’s home opener against Quincy. Attendance restrictions similar to those implemented during the pandemic will be reinstituted on Friday. Only parents and immediate family members of the football team, cheer squad, and band will be allowed to attend.

No restrictions will be placed on the visitors from Quincy High School.

Alton Community Unit School District 11 released the following statement Thursday afternoon:

Multiple students were involved in these altercations. A significant number of administrators, staff and law enforcement officers responded immediately to restore order. No students were seriously injured, and no weapons were involved.

‘The events yesterday were absolutely unacceptable. They are senseless and embarrassing for our students, staff, school and community. We are continuing our investigation to identify all students responsible and administer serious school consequences. The motivation behind these events remains unclear but all of the students involved were known to each other. We would like to express that the vast majority of our students at Alton High are respectful, kind and follow school rules. We deeply regret that these senseless events, caused by a small group of students, disrupted the school environment to such a high degree,’ stated Dr.
Kristie Baumgartner, Alton Superintendent.

Alton High School cancelled classes today and will be on remote learning tomorrow. Administrators are putting additional safety and security measures in place for next week.