(WTVO) — Cannabis has been legal in Illinois for going on three years, but many residents still have questions on where they can legally enjoy the plant.

While it is illegal to smoke in public places, such as on a porch, residents can enjoy marijuana on their private property, according to Block Club Chicago. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that residents will be able to smoke weed in their backyards and on their back porches.

State law says that marijuana cannot be smoked in public places, such as hospitals, government places, streets and parks, according to Health Care Weekly. Residents are allowed to smoke at a private residence, which includes their home or a friend’s home. However, it cannot be done if a minor is present.

Lightfoot said that the Chicago Police Department will not arrest or ticket people for smoking in their backyards or porches, as it poses “no direct threat to public safety.”

“Righting this city’s generation-old wrongs and overturning the unjust cannabis enforcement laws of our past has been at the heart of our efforts since day one, which is why we’ve taken the important step forward in reducing overly punitive fines and fees for minor cannabis violations by passing a smart, sensible, and safe cannabis enforcement ordinance that truly prioritizes the public safety of all residents in this city,” Lightfoot said in a statement with interim Chicago Police Superintendent Charlie Beck.

It is important to note that landlords are able to ban smoking on their properities if they wish to.