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CASEYVILLE, Ill. – A police officer in Caseyville, Illinois is being hailed a hero for saving the life of a choking infant.

Officer Travis Hoguet had been nearby on a traffic stop Friday evening when heard a call of an ambulance responding to a call of 4-month-old choking. The officer left the traffic stop and went to the home in the Hollywood Heights neighborhood of Caseyville and arrived before the ambulance.

The child’s mother rushed her baby boy outside to Officer Hoguet.

“I go there and the mom was in the driveway waving me down,” he said. “The baby was motionless not breathing it was trying to.”

The 4-month-old was choking on formula. His mother was stressed out. Hoguet remained calm and trusted his training.

“I flipped him over on my left arm and had soft blows to the back. About the fifth or sixth blow, it just projectiled out and there was a big ol’ gasp of air you could tell he was relieved,” Hoguet said.

The baby was taken to a hospital as a precaution checked out and he was released in good condition.

The child’s mother did not want to do an interview or be identified, saying she was still too upset to relive it again. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services asked that the baby not be identified.

“Something like this is going to be on the top of the list for a while. I’m never going to forget it,” Hoguet said.

But the officer’s name is out there and he’s the talk of the town.

“We need good news. Something that makes us feel good inside and be happy and not so down with all the COVID and everything else too, so it was a blessing that police officer was able to be here and to save that baby,” said Caseyville resident Violet Beckner.