Centreville residents bring attention to chronic flooding and sewer issues

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CENTREVILLE, Ill. - Centreville, Illinois residents want to bring attention to issues they said they’ve been having with their water and sewage for 20 years.

In the front yard of one home in Centreville, raw sewage is flowing. Toilet paper is even coming from the drain.

Families said they have spent thousands of dollars to repair their homes because of these issues. Now, they want to do what they can to get solutions.

Earlie Fuse’s furnace is suspended in his stairwell. It’s to protect his belongings after decades of flooding issues in his Centreville home.

“You can come up, the steps are safe,” Fuse said as he crept down into his basement.

The basement is covered in a mush of mud and water. He’s replaced the walls that water has knocked down five times.

“Shhhhh, probably $65,000-$70,000,” Fuse said the repairs have costed him.

He said he still needs four more walls.

Fuse said he and other residents have brought their severe flooding issues to city officials.

“Well, when I did tell them what’s happening, they said will take some pictures of it and turn it in and so and so…and that’s the end of it,” Fuse said.

Over on 82nd Street, the flooding issue is coupled with the smells of raw sewage.

“This is where the sewage comes from that runs 24-7,” said William McNeal, a Centreville resident.

Toilet tissue lies on the grass, and they say it’s worse in the heat of the summer.

“It’s a stench that…..you can’t invite people over they don’t want a sit here long,” he said.

The family said the mosquitos are attracted to the sitting water, and the cold weather is their only relief from the smell and the mosquitos.

They've also spent thousands to fix the floors.

“What about the houses? After you do fix the ditches, what about the homes that were destroyed?” McNeal said.

Residents said they have been having meetings at churches and attending city hall meetings to find answers.

“The city isn’t really saying anything. Just give them time,” McNeal said.

FOX 2 reached out to the mayor of Centreville to ask if there is a plan in place to repair or improve the water and sewer issues in the city. We are waiting to hear back.


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