EDWARDSVILLE, Ill — Two suspects accused of murder will be spending time in jail awaiting their trial. In July 2023, the Illinois Supreme Court decided to stop using cash bail.

Since September 18, 2023, Illinois courts haven’t used the cash bail system. Now, before a trial, an accused person can wait outside of jail for their trial under specific conditions instead of staying in custody.

Carlose G. Mosley, 23, of Belleville, is set to remain in custody until his trial date. Madison County State’s Attorney, Tom Haine, filed a petition requesting Mosley’s continued custody, citing concerns about public safety and flight risk due to the nature of his alleged crime. Associate Judge Ryan Jumper granted his petition.

Charged with first-degree murder on Thursday, November 9, Mosley is accused in connection with the stabbing death of Tyrese L. Owens of Collinsville. Owens was discovered in a ditch near his home on Loop Street in Collinsville; he died due to a knife wound.

Amario O. McGee, 22, also arrested in connection with the murder, is scheduled for a detention hearing on December 1. He will also remain in custody at the Madison County jail until the hearing.