COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – John Locus is losing sleep dealing with insurance and a police investigation.

Early Sunday morning, Collinsville police said a man broke one of the front windows at John Locus Photography on East Main Street.

Police say the man got away with a euphonium worth about $40. The damage to the window, however, was far more extensive. Locus expects to pay about $1,500 to fix the window.

“The word ‘why’ came to my brain,” Dathan Rivera said.

Rivera works across the street from the store at Underground Dojo and has never heard of anything like this happening in the area before.

“A random act of violence, it just goes back to ‘Why’,” Rivera said.

The Collinsville Police Department is investigating the burglary and is in the process of reviewing security footage from inside the photography store.

“We’re all on the same spinning rock through space. Why do you have to make someone else’s life more difficult?”