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FAYETTEVILLE, Ill. – Nearly 400 residents of Fayetteville, Illinois remain under a boil order Tuesday after a fire destroyed the Deli Star Corporation’s meat plant the night prior.

Officials are sifting through the ashes for answers.

The fire went on throughout the night, as firefighters used approximately two-thirds of the water in the nearby tower to battle the blaze.

The Illinois State Fire Marshal and ATF deputies gathered at the Deli Star site early Tuesday morning.

The charred remains of the meat packing plant are all that was left.

Some 14 fire departments from around southwestern Illinois worked to put out the blaze.

Deli Star employs 130 people. There were six people inside when the fire started but they all got out safely.

The boil order is expected to remain in effect for the next few days. We’ve been told that the Deli Star Corporation plans to rebuild.