EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – The East St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners met Thursday to ratify the results of the April 4, 2023, consolidated election.

However, before the meeting, a group of citizens spoke out, alleging voter fraud.

“I ran a clean campaign and a hard-working campaign, and we were disappointed,” said Marie Franklin, a former East St. Louis mayoral candidate. “Everybody who was with us was disappointed. We were like, these numbers just aren’t adding up. That’s because this election and others in the past have been decided on the basis of those mail-in ballots. The process we’re dealing with those is skewed. The process is off. We need to have a better process.”

Franklin said she and others witnessed mail-in ballots being thrown out for signatures that did not match.

Additionally, a group of voters claimed that they saw people using other people’s names to cast ballots and receive payment to vote. They said they notified the East St. Louis Police Department.

“You know we have people telling folks, ‘Oh, we’re going to fill this out for you so you can get paid,’” Franklin said. “Really? That’s what we’re doing still?”

Other residents voiced their concerns about the election results.

“If those votes are in fact thrown out and the requirement for a new election in that particular district, that may in fact change the outcome of the entire election,” said Rev. Dr. Kelvin Ellis, a concerned citizen.

The residents were told to forward any evidence of wrongdoing to the St. Clair County State Attorney’s Office.

“No evidence will be taken, and no arguments will be heard,” said Kandrise L. Mosby, executive director of the Board of Election Commissioners. “Please be advised that the appropriate manner for reporting any alleged voter fraud should be forwarded to the state attorney’s office.”

The commissioners told the voters they had no choice but to certify the results.